Tips for Garmin Vivoactive Fitness Tracker

Garmin Vivoactive Anyhow, I enjoyed having a system that monitored my fitness & health 24/7 – measures taken, flights of stairs climbed, heart rate 24/7, quality of sleep. We have gamified our health – I will take whatever I can to stay inspired. Anyhow, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 does all the normal health tracking, and it is the best triathlon watch.

I’m not positive whether it’s a general average or based on the past X days or something. I like SMART objectives and this is smart. Reminder. It makes me chuckle when it will do that later in the day after a long run once I’ve far exceeded my measure target for the day.

I assume they base it on your heartbeat. I’m uncertain what to do with this number – is better, since it means you work out more? But the aim is less stress on your life, right? So right now it looks like a useless stat for me, but perhaps I do not understand what it is telling me.

I also like to track my sleep, since I enjoy learning about my own needs rather than some random number I should aim for every evening. Garmin’s data can sync with multiple different platforms, so I can easily take part in my company’s wellness program – and compete with my coworkers besides earn incentives – logging nothing.